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Reward Options

Topics related to the specific Staking Kovrita Opportunities, current offers, and about stakeholder Rewards in general. Please review the information available on the main website and/or within the user account area, before creating a new topic.

We Speak World's Languages

Our team is cordially inviting people who speak other than English languages to become part of the Kovrita Discuss community and Support Team to take the project’s ideas elsewhere on the Internet.

Project Announcements

Discussion of various project news and updates. It is highly recommended to visit this section often to stay up to date even on the minor changes and additions, especially during project’s early development stages.

Referral Rewards

Questions and discussions about the project’s two-level Referral Rewards engine, built via Ethereum smart contract. How does it work, advertisement strategies, who can benefit from it most and other relevant topics

We are hiring

Any kind of talent is welcome at Kovrita Project! Let’s put some real life into blockchain technology together! Can you write? Are you a software engineer, programmer or coder? Can you design a website or a mobile App? Please feel free to make your own topic here.

Signing Up and Security

All questions and discussions related to the ways system users can interact with Kovrita Smart Contracts. Topics about the use of Web3 browsers, MetaMask and Kovrita Account User Interface (KAUI).

About Kovrita Project

Discussions about the main purposes of the project, what it is about and why is it here. Questions about Kovrita stablecoins creation model, its incentivization model, and the future roadmap.
Before making a new topic, please review the existing ones and, perhaps, try to search the forum with keywords.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.