Project's DApp: What is Kovrita Account User Interface (KAUI)?

Any interaction with the Ethereum network requires some means of connecting to it, such as via MetaMask or other Web 3.0 compatible apps. This may appear as something too complicated to people new to cryptography space.
Kovrita Account User Interface (KAUI) utility fully addresses this issue by taking on the role of such an app. Our software engineers made it possible for any novice user to interact with Ethereum network via all well familiar to all modern Internet users process of simple website account creation

Not only that, but our KAUI DApp provides a whole extra layer of security for the user’s Ethereum wallet. The add-on protection includes username/password pair recorded on Ethereum blockchain AND and an option to enable the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm, such as Google Auth, Two-Factor Authentication.

Lastly, but not less importantly, KAUI DApp utility is NOT your third party wallet custodianship service, only YOU have access to your wallet’s private keys.