Signing up and Account Security Questions

We kindly ask everyone to please review the corresponding category of the FAQs section on the main website, before starting your topic.
Please keep in mind that the DApp is connected to the Ethereum network which serves the purpose of its database. For this reason, the inquiries like “Can you adjust my balance” or “Can I change my payment address” cannot be fulfilled. This is the power of the blockchain, this is what Immutability is.

The lack of a centralized database on website is also one of the important reasons why Kovrita Discuss forum is created. Of course, our support team will be happy to address any questions via its Support Ticket system individually in due time, but wouldn’t you feel better if you share your inquiry with the community so that everyone else can take note of a given answer? This is the power of the Community, this is how everyone can get knowledgable in the cryptography space, one step at a time.